How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ortho Treatment

One of the best ways to get the most out of your orthodontic treatment is to be a patient at Central Massachusetts Orthodontic Associates! Our team makes your experience our top priority, and we do everything we can to make it as positive and stress-free as possible without reducing the quality of your outcome! But how to get the most out of your orthodontic treatment is to take an active role in it out-of-the-office! 

Maintain Oral Health

Good oral health is crucial to your mental and physical well-being and dramatically affects your orthodontic success. Unhealthy mouths build up plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum disease, infections, bad breath, and, in severe cases, tooth loss! These symptoms could defer the start of treatment, prolong your overall treatment time, or permanently damage your smile! They can also make treatment unnecessarily uncomfortable!

For a more pleasant experience and healthier, happier mouth, you should do the following:

  • Brush and floss twice a day to remove bacteria and plaque.
  • Clean your fixed braces after mealtime to remove food and prevent bad breath.
  • Clean your clear aligners daily to remove bacteria and plaque and upkeep their transparent appearance.
  • Attend your dental cleanings as often as recommended by your dentist so they can find and treat oral health concerns before they can create problems.
  • Follow the appropriate dietary guidelines for your orthodontic appliance to keep food from getting stuck or damaging your braces.
  • Use fluoride products to strengthen your enamel.

Stay On Schedule

Whether you have fixed or removable appliances, moving your teeth into a straight alignment is the goal. How we do that, however, depends on your braces type!

Fixed braces, like our metal or clear braces, use a wire attached to brackets that we adjust every few weeks. This wire applies pressure to the teeth and guides them along their movement path. 

Clear aligners, like our Invisalign program, use a series of custom-made trays, each slightly different than the last, to gently push teeth in the desired direction. 

You must follow the schedule Dr. Giarrusso or Dr. Livanos outlined for you! Make sure you attend your wire tightening appointments on time, every time! Our team will monitor your progress at these appointments, make adjustments, and ensure your braces are in good condition! If you wear clear aligners, change your trays in the correct order on time! You do not want to skip any trays or advance to the next set early. Also, attend your checkup appointments as frequently as our orthodontist team recommends so they can supervise your progress. 

Failure to go to your sessions can result in prolonged treatment, and you risk avoidable complications.

Wear Your Retainer!

You will be given a custom-made retainer at the end of active treatment (when we remove your braces or you finish your last set of clear aligners). Why? As the name suggests, your retainer will retain your teeth while the bones resolidify around the teeth. When your teeth move, your mouth goes through what is known as bone remodeling, which is the process of bone breaking down and being reabsorbed. This is how teeth are able to move! Unfortunately, when your teeth are in their final positions, the mouth is still metaphorically “soft and squishy.” Your teeth also have excellent memories; as soon as your braces are not putting pressure on them, they will try to return to their original positions! It takes as little as one day for a noticeable, visible difference in teeth position. 

At first, you will need to wear your retainer 24/7, except when eating, drinking, and performing oral hygiene. Eventually, Dr. Giarrusso or Dr. Livanos will taper this time down until you only need it a few nights a week. There is unlikely to be a time when you do not need your retainer at all, so it’s a good thing they are built to last! Follow the instructions provided to you closely. Like aligners, improper care can damage them. Lost or broken retainers can always be replaced, but you don’t want to risk regression while you wait for a replacement!

Orthodontic results are meant to last a lifetime if you follow directions! Neglecting to wear or needing frequent replacements from improper care can cause you to restart treatment!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ortho Treatment

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